London Baby (featuring an actual London baby)!

So, the wonderful mister granted me 48 hours flying solo in the big smoke to catch up with some  of the very important women in my life (and also my very important nephew and a very important baby). Flew into Gatwick on Thursday evening, got the train to Victoria (NOT the Gatwick Express, Em was very clear about this). Home to Em’s gorgeous, cosy pad in Herne Hill for a curry feast fit for a king (props to The Tobe). Got a very luxurious 8.30 lie in on Friday morning (stop laughing in the back, 8.30 is a bloody lie in!) and then set off to work with Em. Got the tube to Stockwell where I parted ways with my little Londoner with clear instructions how to get to Waterloo. Disaster, the tube I was told to get wasn’t running. I would have to get another tube, and change (I know, the horror, right?). So, there I was standing on the platform, obviously looking Northern Irish, when a very nice Tube worker said ‘do you need some help Miss?’ Who says Londoners aren’t friendly? And I only felt a tiny bit patronised when, after I got on the tube he called after me ‘you can take a seat anywhere’.

So I made it to Waterloo 10 minutes early. Props to me. Called the very darling JBN (forever Drama to me) for directions to her place and within 5 minutes was waiting to cross the road, and waving like a loon at she and Sebadeedoodah on the other side. After a tour of their lovely new place, and a quick catch up with The Stu , we loaded up the buggy and hit the streets. First stop, Tate Modern.   Loved it, but have to be honest and say it made me feel uncultured. I just did not get a good deal of it. Gonna have to go with an expert next time (Carsonist, I mean you…). Drama and I both loved this piece. It was just magical.

Seb (the Dream) slept for half the visit and then he and his mom totally rocked the Bjorn look. Good as gold that boy, not to mention the most cultured baby in the land. After a good four or five (or one and a half) hours, a tea break was required. Inconveniently, the Tate cafe has a policy requiring the purchase of food if you want to sit in. What were we to do? You’ll understand then that we HAD to share a sticky toffee pudding. Had to.

Thus fortified we hit the streets again. We had a lovely walk round Borough Market (very difficult not to eat again but we were saving ourselves for Wagamama), with a quick stop to get some produce from Monmouth for the coffee lover in my life. And then. And then. Wagamama! Yaki Soba, with chicken gyoza (I know it was wrong to email the Stu a pic but it was payback!). I dream of the day when Waga come to Belfast (I email and email, but they don’t come). Someday…

During our glorious lunch, Julianne took this photo of me.

I want to say I’m embarrassed but the truth is I squealed with delight when I saw it later that night on the mighty Facebook (I loves my iPhone).

Part two coming soon.


26/11/2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Julianne replied:

    love it! love it! and dare i mention, ‘no sex please, we’re canadian northern irish!’ a very fab day indeed 🙂 x

    • bethheartscake replied:

      OMG Drama, I had so forgotten about that. Classic!

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