Go Sweden

See? This drives me CRAZY.

Where are the toys for kids? Not for boys, or for girls. Just toys for kids. Why is Lego gendered? Why are baby’s first bikes gendered? We wanted a plain red trike for L’s second Christmas, rather than a boy’s trike. You know, one with diggers or police badges, one with flames (although…awesome).  We had to order one from England from a site called classic toys or some such.

Tried to buy a nice ride on for D’s first birthday. We could get a plastic fantastic one that looked like a quad bike (nice). One that looked like a motorbike. Any number with bloody CBeebies characters on. But to get a plain wooden one? Brio from Amazon.

Flicking trough the Mothercare catalogue, things are pretty similar. Boys with mega blocks and girls with babies. They do have a couple of boys standing with girls at kitchens (never just boys alone in kitchens, that would be ludicrous), not so much of the girls with racing cars.

As I said, drives me crazy.


09/10/2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Julianne replied:

    oh flip! minefield. i haven’t really thought about toys much yet . . . must get a tutorial from you 🙂

  2. John Self replied:

    I am reliably informed that you can now get kitchens in blue for boys (my 3-year-old nephew wants one). I’m not sure whether the fact that they change the colour to make it ‘acceptable’ for boys makes it better or worse.

    • bethheartscake replied:


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