I read an article today that pondered whether ‘conditional parenting’, whereby parents turn up the affection when kids are good, and withhold affection when they’re not, was bad for children’s development. I’m not going to blog on that topic, but it reminded me of some of the funniest bad parenting I’ve ever seen.

We had spend the afternoon at Castle Espie, feeding the ducks and generally having a fine old time. Having one last go in the playground before heading home, we heard a boy of around 7 screaming in what sounded a lot like rage. His dad was standing in front of him holding half a chocolate bar saying “I’ve eaten half of it due to your bad behaviour”. The boy was on the ground by now, apoplectic. “If you don’t calm down, I’m going to eat the rest of it”. The boy did not calm down. The dad ATE THE REST OF IT!

We all looked on, Rich and I in disbelief, the boys in fascination as to what was making him make that noise. Well my sons, that boy’s dad is a tool, and that boy will be having a lot of therapy later on.

Now, who wants a Milky Way?


16/09/2009. Uncategorized.


  1. John Self replied:

    Er… so that’s bad parenting?

    Boy, I hope I grow up a whole lot in the next six years.

  2. bethheartscake replied:

    “funniest bad parenting”…not actual bad bad parenting.

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