I am sitting with L, who is playing with my phone.

He hands it to me:

“Its your mum” he says.

“Hiya” I say and hand it back to him, “She wants to talk to you”.

“Hi Beth’s mum” he says “pleased to meet you”.

My heart is broken still, and its been 5 years.


30/07/2009. Uncategorized.


  1. John Self replied:

    I … don’t understand. I mean it sounds pretty personal and all, but I’m guessing you wouldn’t have put it on a public blog if you didn’t want people to read it who don’t already know what it’s about. And I didn’t want to ignore it out of misplaced politeness. Boy, this is getting pretty circular.

    • bethheartscake replied:

      That’s fair comment John. My mum died five years ago when I was pregnant with L. August is the anniversary month, and she’s on my mind a lot.

      • John Self replied:

        Oh I see. Sorry to be so crass as to raise it. I thought it was a real phone call, and didn’t know that L was your child, etc. etc.

      • bethheartscake replied:

        no need to apologise, I wasn’t very clear.

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